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Long View


Where the Grass Is Green, the Water is Clean, and the Air Is Pure

Long View Thoroughbreds is a family-owned-and-operated stud farm located on the Southern Highlands area in Wildes Meadow, New South Wales. We pride ourselves in providing individualised horse care and regular maintenance in a safe, stress-free setting.


We are happy to announce we have had 4 gorgeous foals.

Mendelssohn/I Promise Bay colt

Shalaa/Pink Ice Bay colt

Shalaa/River Run Bay colt

TrapezeArtist/River Drift Chestnut colt 

Meet Our Owners

Garry and Jo Brilley have more than 40 years of experience in raising and breeding thoroughbreds. The former’s love and thoroughness for pedigrees has proven invaluable to clients. Additionally, he has designed an algorithm facility for clients and himself that has produced winners. This has resulted in an outstanding winners to runners record, including Stakes wins and Stakes placed.

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